Internet Strategy

Getting Started

Boreal Sites takes the confusion out of getting started. We go step-by-step with you to acquire the information necessary to construct the perfect website for your company within your budget. Below is an outline of the information you’ll need to collect before we start your website project.

Check list before getting started:

  • Do you have a Federal ID number for your business?
  • Are you incorporated?
  • Will your business idea require a non disclosure agreement?
  • Have you opened a bank account? (If you are just getting started?)
  • Have you established a gateway and merchant account?
  • Do you have a business plan?

Pre-Design – Write a content outline:

What we need from you:

  • Brief summary about your company
  • Mission statement
  • Products your company offers including fees/costs
  • Services your company offers including fees/costs
  • Contact information (i.e. website address, telephone numbers, fax, email, directions, map, forms, etc.)
  • News/events/downloadable articles
  • Photos
  • Keywords related to your business: For example: Ask yourself: If you were trying to find a company like yours on the internet, what words would you type in to Google, Yahoo, or MSN to find your business or idea?
  • What makes your company’s products/services stand out from that of your competition?

Fun facts:

Web pages should have at least 500 written words per page.

Each site should consist of no more than 10 menu items including your homepage.

Things to Think About

Have you formulated your website budget? This should include:

Do you have an idea/preference of how you want your company to be portrayed visually? How about selling with this site and make money.

  • Company logo/tag line (see Branding/Logo Design)
  • Color scheme/look and feel

Boreal Sites makes getting started easy by taking the guess work out of the initial process. Please note that for an additional fee, we have access to creative, experienced web writers that can compose and fine-tune your web content.


Author: Boreal Sites

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