Dedicated proactive professionals with eleven years experience in providing enterprise-wide website design and internet services.


Highly skilled at establishing and maintaining effective relationships and contacts.

Adept at trouble shooting, problem solving, and communicating effectively.

Confident management, able to maintain positive, supportive attitude with a strong resistance to stress in a fast-paced environment.

Skilled and capable business development experts with the ability to master new environments in an efficient and accurate manner.



Develop, implement, and manage online, portals for Boreal Sites.

Manage, track, and maintain Multiple Server Types

Website Hosting, website design, create, and manage over 300 URLs for various businesses in different industries.

Design and coordinate the development and implementation of internet marketing materials.

Design and implement multiple web databases for several clients using multiple database platforms.

Write, edit, and design promotional materials, Web site copy, Web site graphics, and Web site banner ads using technical softwares

Management search engine placement for clients on a monthly basis.

Establish and maintain strategic alliances with vendors, clients, and customers.

Sales of new customers and maintenance of existing customers.



Production of Business Plans and first-time financial statements for domestic and international entities.

Creation, implementation and management of policies, procedures, and internal controls.

Calculation of complex capital structures for start-up entities.

Cost/benefit analysis, cash management, and financial decision-making.

Coordination and handling of special project entities.

Organization and implementation of various multi-dimensional business plans for entities.

Establishment and maintenance of effective relationships with clients worldwide


Development of Business Systems

Implementation and maintenance of multi-project database management systems

Analyze and prioritization of schedule/data gathering and reporting to middle and senior management.

Populatation of database with multi-level information.

Written policy and procedure copy, and training.

Creation and organization of reports based off of information captured by systems.

Establishment of new policies, procedures, and compliance for company-wide use.

Routine analysis of general ledger, creation and reconciliation of various schedules for financial application and controls.

Population and maintenance of database of information to facilitate accurate, timely and reliable information


Enterprise Solutions

Preparation of monthly financial statement package for middle and senior management.

Preparation of margin analysis and presentation of findings to senior management.

Management of the billing, record keeping, and enrollment of all employee/employer-paid benefits, including 401k, medical, dental, etc.

Preparation of yearly budget package for management and corporate.

Analysis and preparation of weekly cash forecast in order to pay vendors.

Preparation quarterly financial summary to various levels of management.

Multi-state tax returns, general ledger analysis, and evaluation reports.

Facilitation accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll management and control.

Management of payroll for the entire accounting system — Union and Non-Union employees.

Integration of Web site and accounting systems



We install and support computer systems for business environments.

This includes:

  1. Installation of computers
  2. Installation of application software
  3. Installation of network servers
  4. Installation of e-mail systems
  5. Installation of internet solutions
  6. Installation of firewall’s
  7. Installation of backup systems for disaster recovery


Accounting Systems

Installs and supports Accounting Software (MAS90 & Quick Books),

Develops Microsoft Access database programs and provides training classes for area businesses. We are

Consultants for MAS90/200 Accounting Software and instructors for Quick Books and Microsoft Access Databases.



Web site design, web site hosting administration – Software Skills Macromedia’s Coldfusion, Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX and Fireworks MX, Contribute2 Virtual Private Server Administration. Corel Draw, Adobe PhotoShop, and Adobe Illustrator MicroGraphics Suite. Live Picture Studio. Qualified in all popular accounting spreadsheet applications, Qualified in all popular Microsoft office applications and operating systems, Quickbooks Pro, Peachtree, Sabre, Great Plains Dynamics, Microsoft Access, Microsoft FrontPage98 & 2000, Microsoft Outlook, Borland’s ReportSmith, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Microframe’s Business Engine Suite, (Time Server, Project Consolidator, Project Server, Resource Server and Portfolio), ADP’s PC for Windows, ADP’s IPP System, Map Links, CPAS and STS Minifuel, SQL Server, HTML, XHTML, XML, Basic, Windows95, Windows98, WindowsME, Windows XP and WindowsNT.